>What do you think?26-11-2011 | 20:49:00 | 9 Comments


I think that Little Mix or Marcus to WIN!!!!!

>???X Factor What do you think???26-11-2011 | 20:26:00 | 8 Comments


What do you think?
Little Mix in Team Tulisa (Groups)
Janet or Misha B or Amelia in Team Kelly (Girls)
Marcus in Team Gary (Boys)
and do you think Kitty should of stayed in and Amelia coming back
???What do you think??? 

>Does anybody want to follow me!26-11-2011 | 15:47:00 | 3 Comments


Hey, why are you here!!

BUT NO ALIENS !!!!!!!!!

>What I did today26-11-2011 | 15:23:00 | No Comments


Sleeping until nine o’ clock
Watching Television until two o’ clock
Getting dressed until two thirty 
Going to Grandma and Granddads house until two thirty – five
At Grandma and Granddads house until two fifty – five
 Going home until three o’ clock
Sitting in front of the fire until four
Watching a movie until five
Watching Television til six
Watching Despicable Me til eight with pee pee poo poo
Bedtime nightly bye
See you in the morning

>Today26-11-2011 | 12:25:00 | 1 Comment

>Today I am going to my Grandma’s house and tomorrow it is my Granddad’s  birthday it’s going to be a full packed weekend



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