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As I have said in past posts I have been talking about TALENT shows. There was The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent and one that isn’t in our country… American Idol.

Well first… The Voice, and do you know who won? It was Leanne Mitchell

Leanne Mitchell

… and now Britain’s Got Talent, and the winner is Ashley and Pudsey

… and The American Idol, and the winner is… PHILLIP PHILLIPS (A very good name)

So … that closes it up for all The Talent Shows…. but wait there is one more,

YES!! The Eurovision Song Contest… and the winner is SWEDEN

It’s in Sweden, Stockholm

Loreen sang the great song Euphoria to win with 372 points

Euphoria by Loreen

Enjoy the video!

Happy Holidays10-06-2012 | 11:42:36 | No Comments

Hope everybody has enjoyed their school holidays but the worst thing is today … it is the last day of the holidays. Please comment me back about what homework you have got, however, I have only got to read for my homework.

Enjoy the last day of your holidays!

 Make sure you have a good nights sleep as well, ready for school tomorrow

Enjoy the last few hours of your holiday


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