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All this week a few special events will be going on…

Well first it is half-term so we get a week off school!

Also today the clocks went back an hour so we gained an hour in bed 🙂

And Halloween is on Wednesday!

Because Halloween is quite a fun but scary event here are some websites and movies that are on at the cinema or your home television:



Girl vs. Monster

Shrek’s Thrilling Tales

They are all movies but here are some websites that are not just based on Halloween and also will be put on another category so you can always see these websites:




Frankenweenie Website

Paranorman Website

Club Penguin

X Factor


Now you can just click on them and you will see the website!


Who has been on my blog?

People from the UK,





South Korea,


New Zealand,

Brazil and




have looked at my blog but not commented!


What games do you want on my blog?

I have had few comments on what games do you want on my blog. They want…

Mystery games

Fun & Silly games

I will add some more games later today



New Poll!

At the moment I have got a poll that says how good my blog is but I don’t have many votes so I am going to make another poll which is… What is your favourite subject? Then after the holidays I will put the old poll back on my blog.

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