>What do you think?26-11-2011 | 20:49:00 | 9 Comments


I think that Little Mix or Marcus to WIN!!!!!

9 Responses to “>What do you think?”

  1. >so do I

  2. >Hello luke is Grace from year 4 I want little mix to win,they all have good voice's aswell !!

  3. >i think litlle mix should win

  4. >is pop star yor ferit cos they are my firet my neam is alyssa ih louk nice to miyt you from

  5. >well if I had to pick out of little mix or marcus to win I would pick marcus.from keira

  6. >Not Marcus I think he can not sing a bit at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. >My favourite is pop it is cool

  8. >i like pop star my fireyt is jls one dayreccsn nrerily evriy pop star is the one like from alyssa

  9. >i think little mix should win

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