What I did today11-06-2012 | 18:38:34 | 4 Comments

Today was a very good day but today was different to what some people thought.

Assembly: About a special cushion, made by Year 5, on BBCBREAKFAST

Phonics: Talking about “dis” words

Brainstormer for class reports

Poetry: Working on a Performance Poetry Sketch

Break time

Numeracy: Grid multiplication

Lunch time: Played at The Young Leaders

ICT: Animation Workshop

Break time

ICT (carry on)

Home time

4 Responses to “What I did today”

  1. It sounds like you had a great day at school.
    What was the work you had to do about reports??

  2. I had to do a brainstorm of all the clubs and special events that I have do myself in the class this year.

  3. Wow you had a bussy day did you enjoy it?
    What was your favourite thing and why?

  4. I liked The ICT Experience session because 15 people from my class paired up and made a special animation for other contributing countries in The London 2012 Olympics. Firstly me and my partner made the Irish word for welcome “Fáilte”. In this animation I used iCan Animate. It is a progam on the MacBook which I thought was great!

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