>???X Factor What do you think???26-11-2011 | 20:26:00 | 8 Comments


What do you think?
Little Mix in Team Tulisa (Groups)
Janet or Misha B or Amelia in Team Kelly (Girls)
Marcus in Team Gary (Boys)
and do you think Kitty should of stayed in and Amelia coming back
???What do you think??? 

8 Responses to “>???X Factor What do you think???”

  1. >I think Marcus or Amelia should win because they have the best vocal talent.

  2. >What about Little Mix

  3. >i like them all really but i'm glad kitty went i did'nt like her

  4. >i think litlle mix should win because they have got greate singing voices

  5. >Well I think Marcus from keaton

  6. >I didn't like Kitty at all and when she sang at the end. It was rubbish

  7. >Not Marcus!!!!!!

  8. >i like little mix because they have great voice how do you think should win

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